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Scientific-pedagogical magazine «Білім – Образование» is published since 2003.

The purpose of the magazine - the union of the education community in Kazakhstan, and colleagues from other countries to discuss topical issues of education and training. On the pages of scientific-pedagogical magazine «Білім – Образование» highlights the current problems of the educational system, research results and best practices of Kazakhstan and foreign teachers, educational, instructional and regulations, information and analytical materials.

The publication contains articles that have received a positive opinion on 3 languages - Kazakh, Russian and English - under the following headings: "Education Policy", "Theory and practice of learning", "Theory and Practice of Education", "teaching schools", " The Bologna process in action "," Problems of teacher education "," scientific search, "" From the history of Kazakhstan's education "," International Cooperation "," conferences, forums, workshops »,« Personalia ».

Under the heading "Educational policy" placed strategic documents  of UN/UNESCO on education for sustainable development, continuing education, life-long education; inclusive education; adult education; legal documents of the Republic of Kazakhstan in the field of education.

Under the heading "The theory and practice of teaching" materials are discussed innovative theories and methods of teaching of specific subjects and disciplines, including management and organization of the educational process.

Under the heading "The theory and practice of education" covers various aspects of the education of the younger generation of spiritual and moral development of the individual and the citizen.

Under the heading "Methodical School" is planned to place materials on modern methods of teaching individual subjects, the use of ICT in education and other.

In the rubric "Bologna process in action" deals with the international ranking of national universities in the context of accession to the Bologna process (implementation of the principle of university autonomy, a three-level system of higher education; academic credits ECTS; academic mobility of students, teachers and administrative staff, the European Diploma Supplement, control quality of higher education, and others.).

Topic "The problems of teacher education" involves the modernization of training and retraining of teachers; including forecasting and determining the structure of training taking into account the renovation of educational content and the needs of the individual and the labor market.

Under the heading "Scientific Search" contains articles on topical problems of scientific research in the field of education and training, as well as significant results and achievements of fundamental and theoretical and applied research in the field of pedagogy and technology innovation in education.

Topic "From the history of Kazakhstan's education" is devoted to the history of the education system in the country, outstanding personalities who left their mark in the domestic pedagogy.

Under the heading "International cooperation" deals with the organization of effective cooperation between national educational organizations with foreign partners, international experience in various aspects of business.

Under the heading "Conferences, forums, seminars," highlights the proceedings of conferences on education held in Kazakhstan and abroad.


Editorial board


Zhylbayev Zh.O. — Candidate of pedagogics, Professor, Chairman of the editorial Board;

Balykbayev T.O. — Doctor of pedagogy, Professor;

ChorosovaО.M. — Doctor of pedagogy, Professor (Russia);

KozhamzharovaD.P. — Doctor of history, Professor;

MenlibekovaG.Zh. — Doctor of pedagogy, Professor;

MoiseyevaL.V.  — Doctor of pedagogy, Professor (Russia);

Sarybekov M.N. — Doctor of pedagogy, Professor;

ShaimerdenovaN.Zh. — Doctor of Philology, Professor;

SmankulovaZh.Y. — Doctor of history, Professor;

ZhetpisbayevaB.А. — Doctor of pedagogy, Professor;

Mukasheva M.U. — Candidate of pedagogics, associate Professor;

Narbekova B.M. — Candidate of history, associate Professor.

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