12-year education
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Scientific-methodological and information-analytical magazine «12 жылдық білім беру – 12-летнее образование» has been published since 2005.

The thematic focus of the magazine is associated with the implementation of scientific and methodological developments in the practice of educational institutions of secondary education.

The main purpose of the magazine is the organization of scientific information and scientific-methodical communication of representatives of research and teaching the public about the transition to 12-year education.

The publication contains articles that have received a positive opinion on 3 languages - Kazakh, Russian and English - under the following headings: "Updating the content of education", "Issues of education: Theory and Practice," "Teaching skills" and "Successful international experience”.

Under the heading "Updating the content of education" program are considered projects on updating the content of education of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the introduction of new approaches used in teaching and assessment.

Under the heading "Issues of education: Theory and Practice" covers various aspects of the educational process of the younger generation, articles, aimed at improving the educational potential of the educational process, the integration of training and education in conditions of realization of the national idea "Mangilik El".

Under the heading "Teaching skills" provides an opportunity for teachers to acquaint the public with the broad educational results of their teaching. The authors examine the educational technology, modern theories and methods of teaching, problems of teaching of individual subjects, the pedagogical value as a means of formation of innovative culture, trilingual education, the possibility of using ICT in teaching and others.

Under the heading "A successful world experience" presented the best practices of foreign countries in oblastiobrazovaniya also publishes articles of international partners of the National Academy of Education named after Y. Altynsarin.

Individual issues of the journals can be thematic or target (the publication of materials of conferences, seminars, issue devoted to the anniversaries of educational organizations and others.).