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You are welcome to the site of National Academy of Education named after Y.Altynsarin. You can find any complete information about priority trends of pedagogical science development, current state and perspectives of national education system of the Republic of Kazakhstan. 

Academy has more than 80 years history. In 1933 Pedagogical Scientific Research Institute was established. The history of the Academy evidences numerous changes concerning its institutional form.

In 2008 by the Resolution of the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan, we got the status of National Academy of Education named after Y.Altynsarin.

Academy has functioned as the base of defining methodological landmarks and developing teaching and methodological manuals within the whole period of its activity. Academy has enabled to strengthen the role of education as a factor of ensuring competiveness of the country. 

Today, National Academy of Education named after Y.Altynsarin takes an active part in updating the content of education at all levels, particularly, provides scientific and pedagogical, methodological and teaching-methodological support to national education system development taking into consideration international trends and national practice. 

The Head of the state N.A.Nazarbayev in his Address to the people of Kazakhstan “Kazakhstani way-2050: common goal, common interests, common future” noted the right way of defining strategic lines of modernization through translating and adopting the experience of flagship of education: “Our future is connected with creating new possibilities to realize the potential of Kazakhstani people… It is necessary to improve level of teaching at secondary schools to the level of teaching at Nazarbayev Intellectual schools.  School-leavers must know Kazakh, Russian and English languages. As a result, schoolchildren must acquire skills of critical thinking, they must be able to find information on their own and analyze it thoroughly”.

National education system must ensure full development of personality, prepare competitive specialists who meet the requirements and levels of European and National Qualifications Frameworks. Today, in the terms of constantly changing world the key functional features of an individuality are initiative, ability to think critically and creatively, finding non-standard solutions and readiness to lifelong learning. The content of education must cover developing these competencies.

Updating the content of education at all levels will enable us to bring up future generation that will become the main subject to implement the national idea of our common Kazakhstani home, dream of our ancestors “Mangilik El”.

At the same time, we clearly realize that updating the content of education at all levels imply taking serious measures on improving the quality of the teaching process. To fulfil this ambitious task all the society should be involved and it is necessary to unite all its social subdivisions.

Currently, the Academy is ready to perform a consolidating function while uniting all interested sides (state, educational institutions of all levels, parents and teachers network, schoolchildren) to promote the modern education paradigm on the basis of academic freedom expansion and social responsibility increase.
Dear visitors to the site!

We hope that website of the Academy will become not only information recourse, but a dialogue platform to tackle all common issues concerning improvement of Kazakhstani education, as we are responsible for the future of our young generation, whether they can take a leading position in innovative industrial and spiritual moral development of the country.

President of National Academy of Education
Zhambol Zhylbayev

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