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         On the basis of the Decree of the Communist Party Central Committee of Kazakhstan and the Council of Ministers of the Kazakh SSR No. 722 of October 7, 1966 “On honoring the 125th anniversary of Ybrai Altynsarin”, the Research Institute of Pedagogical Sciences of the Ministry of Education of the Kazakh SSR was named after Ybrai Altynsarin. The main task of the institute, as before, was the designing of the scientific basis for the development of public education in the Kazakh SSR.

        In the structure of the Institute was organized the sector of educational work methods in 1966-1968.

       On May 27, 2000, by order of the Minister of Education and Science, the Scientific and Methodological Institute of Education was established on the basis of the laboratory of ethnopedagogy and education, which has been working at the Kazakh Institute of Educational Problems since 1994.

The position of Director of the Institute was appointed Associate Professor R. B. Basharov, and for the post of deputy director, academic secretary - associate professor K.L. Kabdolov.

        The institute of education employed only 12 people, two of them - doctors of pedagogical sciences, six - candidates of sciences and graduate students.

          In connection with the relocation of Kazakh Academy of Education (KAO) to Astana in October 2001, the Research Institute of Education was closed. During this short period of time the institute staff wrote and published voluminous works. The “Program of comprehensive education in educational institutions of the Republic of Kazakhstan”, “Pedagogical bases for the development of personal qualities of students”, “Reader education” (for managers of V-XI classes), “Children of an exemplary family” were published. The rules and regulations of the “Bolashak” public student organization were published and distributed to schools.

In January 2003, the research Institute of education was re-opened at KAO. For the position of Director of the Institute was appointed Ph.D., Professor K. J. Kozhakhmetova, for the position of Deputy Director, scientific Secretary, candidate of sociological Sciences M. E. Demeuova. Three laboratories were opened as part of the institute: a laboratory of methodology and theory of education (headed by S.M. Maygaranova); Laboratory of Ethnopedagogy and Family Education (head by S.S. Konyrbaeva); Laboratory on the Formation of a Healthy Lifestyle and Prevention of Crime among Students (headed by L. B. Aratai).

            After the optimization, carried out in accordance with the decree of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan No. 4-02-2 / 222 dated February 15, 2006, a laboratory for the upbringing and development of personality was established at the KAO at the Center of socialization of the individual.

          In the course of structural changes in 2012, a Department of education and ethnoculture was created, organized from the laboratory of Education and personal development (the heads were Dr. of pedagogical sciences G. D. Baubekova, Dr. of pedagogical sciences Z.B. Kabylbekova,  candidate of pedagogical sciences Zh.K. Eleupayeva, Doctor of Pedagogical Sciences, Professor Zh.Zh. Nauryzbai).

           In 2016, this department was renamed into the Center of Theory and Methods of Education under the direction of Zh.Zh. Nauryzbai.

            At present, the director of the Center is A.M. Mamyrkhanova, Ph.D., associate professor.


Center staff:


1. Zhumagali Zhokeiuly Nauryzbay, Chief Researcher, Doctor of Pedagogical Sciences, Professor;


2. Botagoz Akhmetova Salikovna, Leading Researcher, Candidate of Biological Sciences, Associate Professor;


3. Basira Utemuratova Kazbekovna, Leading Researcher, Candidate of Pedagogical Sciences, Associate Professor;


4. Olga Nakatkova Ivanovna, Senior Researcher,


5. Gulzhamal Kuanysheva Alzhanovna, Senior Researcher;


6. Bolat Baikasov Bakitovich, Senior Researcher.

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