Тәрбие теориясы және әдістемесі орталығы

Name of the center:


  1. Date of setting-up: 1966
  2. Purpose:Scientific and methodological support of educational work.
  3. Mission: Education of all-round and harmoniously developed personality,

combiningthe spiritual wealth, moral purity, physical perfection,

competitiveness, pragmatism, national identity, a cult of knowledge, evolutionism and openness of consciousness, ready and able to fully fulfill the system of social roles, build thelife worthy of a man of the XXI century.

  1. Activity area:
  2. Scientific research;
  3. Methodological and teacher-educationalsupport;
  4. Organizational and methodological support.


  1. Tasks:
  2. Conducting of scientific research on study, generalization and extension of the experience of educational institutions and teachers in the field of civil, patriotic, spiritual and moral education of citizens of Kazakhstan;
  3. Carrying out of monitoring and sociological studies on the problems of education in educational organizations;
  4. Development of methodological literature on educational and methodological support of the educational process in educational institutions of the Republic of Kazakhstan;
  5. Organization and participation in the development of educational programs in the field of education;
  6. Conducting of international / republican conferences, training seminars, round tables, etc.
  7. Head:

MamyrkhanovaAimenMoldagalievna: Director of the Center, Ph.D.

  1. Employees

NauryzbayZhұmagaliZhөkeyұuly: Chief Researcher, Ph.D.

AkhmetovaBotagozSalikovna: Leading Researcher, Ph.D.

UtemuratovaBasiraKazbekovna, Leading Researcher, Ph.D.

KuanyshevaGulzhamalAlzhanovna: Senior Researcher

BaykasovBolatBakitovich: Senior Researcher

Nakatkova Olga Ivanovna: Senior Researcher


  1. Methodological developments