1. Name of the center: Center for inclusive education development

2. Date of creation the center: 5 February 2016

3. Aim of the center:methodological and educational-methodical maintenance of the inclusive education content at all levels of secondary education in the Republic of Kazakhstan.

4. Mission of the center: scientific and methodological support of the teacher in the inclusive education ideas implementation in the Republic of Kazakhstan

5. Tasks of the center:

- Methodological and educational maintenance of the inclusive education content in general educational institutions of the country.

- Generalization and dissemination of successful practices for the national capacity development in the field of inclusive education.


6. Activities of the center:

Scientific and methodical activity:

- conducting research on the inclusive education problems with the involvement of the intellectual potential of educational organizations of the Republic and non-governmental organizations;

- methodological support of the educational process subjects in educational institutions.

Educational and methodical activity:

- development of recommendation materials for the inclusive education development.

Organizational and pedagogical activity:

- organization and holding scientific conferences and seminars on the inclusive education implementation in the Republic.

Advisory activity:

- advising teachers and specialists of educational institutions that implement inclusive practices.


7. Head of the center: Ismagulova Svetlana Kuzhakovna

8. Center staff:

Sеidina M.Z.

Moldabayeva R.K.

Murzagalieva B.К.

Eliseyeva I. G.