Centre of trilingual education

The Trilingual education center was established in January 2016




Develop Kazakh language, preserve Russian language, and learn English.



Methodical and methodological support of the idea promotion of the trilingual education in Kazakhstan


Up-to-date.We carry out into practice the methodological support for the staged implementation of the trilingual education


Reliable.We are implementing the "Road Map for the Development of the trilingual education for 2015-2020"


Professionally done.We cooperate with all stakeholders of the trilingual education


Analysis reports

Analysis of existing curricula as a basis for organizing preparatory work for the transition tothe trilingual education

Monitoring of the CEFR application and the Standard of ongoing level learning to the state language in the "kindergarten-school-college-university" system

Monitoring of the research results implementation to improve the practice of the trilingual education

Monitoring of the textbooks approbation on MSS subjects in English


Analysis of the availability of educational institutions for all levels of education for the implementation of the trilingual education



Curriculum programs "German language" (grades 5-11), "French language" (grades 5-11)

The project of the Single language standard for teaching the three languages

The Project of Guideline on pilot schools for teaching MSS subjects in English


Professional standard: "Pedagogue"

Guideline on the Summer Language School

The program of scientific research on the trilingual education

Criteria for assessing the professional competencies of teaching staff in primary and secondary schools

Programs of additional education for schoolchildren in three languages and programs for extracurricular work in subjects of senior classes, studied in English

Methodical guidance on the application of the Unified Language Standard for teaching three languages in the educational process of schools in Kazakhstan



The method of content and language integrated learning in the framework of the transition to English language teaching in high school

Methodical recommendations for the application of CLIL-technology in the educational process of schools

Analysis report on the results of monitoring of the schools readiness for the teaching MSS in English

Analysis report on the results of monitoring of the implementation of the Pilot Project for the training of MSS subjects in English




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