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III International scientific and practical conference
III International scientific and practical conference

National Academy of Education named after Y. Altynsarin of the Ministry of Education and Science of Kazakhstan Republic and Kazan (Volga region) Federal University hold the III international conference "Innovation in Education: researches and solutions" on May 26-27, 2016.

The aim ofthe conference is to provide an international forum for the dialogue between researchers and practitioners in the field of education innovation.

Roundtable discussion №1

Subject: Innovation processesin education system.

Problem fieldThe continuity of innovation between the levels of education starting from pre-school to postgraduate education levels (in the context of continuing education, multilingual education, inclusive education). Problems of professional training of teachers in terms of reforming the education system. The essence of the innovation activity of teachers and managers in education.

Roundtable discussion №2

Subject: Inclusive education: problems and prospects.

Problem fieldTheory and practice of inclusive education. Comparative aspect of inclusive education, the best experience in the field of integration in the educational environment of children and young people with special educational needs. Socio-pedagogical factors mainstreaming inclusive education in Kazakhstan and Russia.

Roundtable discussion №3

Subject:Pedagogical dimension in terms of structural reforms of education.

Problem field:Pedagogical monitoring as a method and means of management of educational process. Standards and procedures for quality assurance. Evaluation of innovative processes, evaluation of the results of innovation. The measurement systems of learning outcomes in secondary, vocational and higher / postgraduate education: the best foreign and Kazakhstani experience. Evaluation of educational achievements of students in the conditions of updating the content of education: methodology, toolkit, and procedures.

Roundtable discussion № 4

Subject: Integration of tradition and innovation.

Problem field:The concepts of ethnic education, traditional education and national peculiarities of education. Globalization and communicative nature of the modern society. Collaborative mechanism of tradition and innovation.

Languages– Kazakh, Russian and English.

Invited participants:representatives of the Ministry of Education and Science of Kazakhstan Republic, national ministerial subordinate organizations, regional governmental bodies and bodies of Astana and Almaty cities, education departments, domestic and foreign scholars, international experts in the field of education, heads of educational institutions at all levels, faculty deans, university departments heads, university teachers, teachers of colleges, teachers of schools of all types, heads of methodological bodies, social agencies and other.

Conference procedure

May25, 2016

Arrival of participants

May26, 2016

Roundtable discussions.

May 27, 2016

Plenary meeting.


The adoptionof the resolution.

Awarding of certificates


Departure of participants

Dear Colleagues!

Application for participation should be registered on the official (follow the link before May 1, 2016.

After theapplication is approved, you will receive a login and password and a link for the attachment materials.

Materialsattachone file(in the archived form):

-article full text of no more than 5 pages of A4 (articles without its review and application are not accepted);

- scanned copyof an article reviews (signed and stamped as shown in the form).

After the adoption of the article to be published on the active link you attach a scanned copy of the receipt of the registration fee.

Forms of participation:

1.Full – making a presentation at the plenary session, round table discussions, publishing articles in the conference material package (participants receive package №1 - certificate, conference program, handouts, conference material package in electronic PDF format) - registration fee 5000,00 tenge (or in a foreign currency at the exchange rate – 20$).

2.Correspondence – publishing articles in the conference material package (participants receive package №2 – certificate, handouts, conference materials in electronic PDF format) - registration fee 3000,00 tenge (or in a foreign currency at the exchange rate – 10$).


After the registrationat,usernameand password to save, to get materials and a certificate of the Conference.

The text ofthe article and scanned copy of the review is attached to a single file (in the archived form)!

The filesare titled by the name of the first author (eg. Kusainov CA Article.doc; Kusainov CA Rewiev.doc; Kusainov CA Receipt.doc or Ahmetov BT+Serikbayev AK+Berikov ID Article and etc.).

Registration on the siteis completed May 1, 2016, receiving material ends May 10, 2016.

Anyone whohas applied for the participation and gone through the additional review will be sent the Academy's requisites for the payment of the registration fee and the conference program in electronic format.

Requirements for the materials:

Materialsare sent in electronic form: text editor MS WORD; A4, the main font – Times New Roman; size – 14, line spacing – single; style – the usual;full justification of the text; indent – 1.0 cm; all fields – 2 cm. The pages are not numbered.

Top center- the title of the article in demiboldcapital letters without hyphenation; then a line down in the middle - the initials and surname of the author (s) (the participation of more than three authors in one article or report is not welcomed), a line down - organization, city, e-mail of the author (s), Initials, surname, job position, science degree and academic title of a scientific adviser (For students, master’s students, doctoral students must be specified), the initials and surname of the reviewer, degree, title, organization, city of a reviewer (scanned copy of the review will be sent by e-mail), then in a line down - the text of the article. References to the literature are given insquare brackets. A list of references isobligatory. No hyphenation (Appendix 1).

At the endof the text of the article there should be the article abstract in Kazakh, Russian and English (3-4sentences).

Drawings should not exceed1/4 of the volume of the article. Drawings, illustrations, photographs are provided in separate files with the extension TIFF or JPG. Each drawing should be referenced in the text, continuous numbering in drawings, figure captions should contain sufficient information.

Materials mustbe carefully edited in compliance with all requirements. Articles that do not meet the requirements of the registration and submitted to the organizing committee after the deadline (until May 10, 2016)are not included the conference materials package and returned. Aticles will be published in author's edition.

Last nameof the reviewer should be listed in the article. A review should be made according to the given form, signed and stamped (Appendix 2).

Place and time:Astana, st. Orynbor, 4, Business Center "Altyn Orda", a conference room, May 26-27, 2016.

Contactfor inquiries:National Academy of Education named after Y. Altynsarin, tel. 8 (7172) 576648and a web – site of the Academy

Dear Colleagues!

This registration application form, please fill in one of the three languages of the Conference on the website of the Academy of the link (full name in the certificates to be completed in the language in which to send the application).



First name


Middle name


Academic title












Town, village


Street, house, apartment


Telephone with intercity code


Cellphone number






Title of paper


Round table discussion number

Form of participation (required):


1. Full


2. Correspondence


Reviewer(required)Name (full name)


Last name of the reviewer


Name of reviewer


Middle name of the reviewer


Academic title reviewer


PhD reviewer


Position of reviewer


Workplace of reviewer


Abbreviationsare not allowed in the "Application"!

Appendix 1

Sample ofarticle


C. A. Kusainov

Karaganda State University named after E. A. Buketov, Karaganda,


Reviewer–B. I. Akhmetov, Ph.D., Associate Professor, and University of Eurasia named after L. N. Gumilev, Astana city


The text of the article. The text of the article. Text of the article [1]. ... The text of the article. The text of the article. The text of the article. The text of the article. Text of the article [2]. ... Text of article [3]. Thetextofthearticle.



1 Абэ Осаму. Когда началось экологическое образование? // Тири. 1990. Т. 35, №12. -С.21-27.

2 Учение Вернадского о ноосфере.

3 Концепции экологического образования Республики Казахстан, г. Астана. 2002 г.,


Аңдатпа. Мақалада негізгі құзырлар және экологиялық бiлiмнiң контекстiндегi оқушылардың экологиялық мәдениеттiң және санасының құрастыруы өзара байланысында қаралады. ...

Аннотация. В статье рассматривается взаимосвязь ключевых компетенций и формирования экологической культуры и сознания учащихся в контексте экологического образования. ...

Abstract. In the article intercommunication of key competenses and forming of ecological culture and consciousness is examined students in the context of ecological education. ...


Appendix 2

The review should include the following information

1. Full title of the article, title of the author, full name of the author, example:


on article "Formation of ecological culture in students' PhD, assistant professor of pedagogy of Y. A. Buketova Karaganda State University Kusainova Serikbay Askarbekovich

2. Brief description of the problem the article is dedicated to.

3. The topicality of the articles provided.

4. The most important aspects revealed in an article by the author.

5. Recommendation for publication.

6. The academic title, academic degree, position, place of work, name reviewer (completely without abbreviations), date, signature, seal.


Attention for participants!

The conference committeeis not concerned with meeting and accommodation of participants. Hotel Reservation is made by the conference participants themselves.

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